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About Bhedetar


Originally the gateway to Dharan, Bhedetar, also known as Sailung Danda, is the picturesque hill station developed lately in Eastern Nepal and is the "Queen of hill stations". It is one of the most popular tourist spot in Eastern Nepal. It is a land of pictorial picnic spots. It is situated at an altitude of 1,420 meters above sea level. Conveniently connected by road, this "Queen of Hill Station", is a pleasant 1 hour drive from Biratnagar. No matter where you come from, Bhedetar gives you feel majestic once you step in.

Also known as ‘Sailung Danda’ in Nepal, Bhedetar is a place which cannot be missed. It’s actually a small hill station. In the past, long before the Koshi Highway was made, people from hilly regions took Bhedetar as a gateway to ‘Dharan’. It therefore wasn’t originally designed for tourism. It was merely a bus stop for some lunch and breakfast. Later, the stop grew into a town. And it was then that many hotels and restaurants took interest and developed it further to assist tourists for a comfortable stay and good food.

Bhadetar (also spelt Bhedetar) is a small hill top town in Eastern Nepal. It is a stop over place for all the vehicles travelling through this hill town, be it morning tea or afternoon snack. It is about 1,420m above the sea level, mostly foggy weather during winter but great place to be during non winter months with cool relaxing temperature and great view of the Himalayas and the Southern plains . It is also a gateway to Limbu villages of Rajarani (King Queen), Okhrae and Chaubise. There are also few numbers of small restaurants, shops and decent hotels. Bhadetar in itself there is nothing much, it is popular more with the people, the word of mouth than the place has to offer. In the early 80’s Prince Charles did also paid a visit to view the progress and construction of Koshi Highway, giving the little bumpy hill an Englishman’s first name “Charles Point.”

Due to good road and transport services, this hill top town of Bhadetar has really grown up to become the holiday destination of many local and visitors.